domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

#change11. Ready to share learnings and change in education & technology!

I feel like I am just ready to be connected to the world and to share change as a result of being registered in the course Change: Education,Learning and Tecnology., MOOC s´experience (massive open online courses) which will be facilitated by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, and Dave Cormier and each week "by an innovative thinker, researcher, and scholar. Over 30 of them. From 11 different countries".

In the welcome page of the aboved identified course, it is stated that:

 "Being connected changes learning. When those connections are global, the experience of knowledge development is dramatically altered as well. Over the past four years, a growing number of educators have started experimenting with the teaching and learning process in order to answer critical questions: "How does learning change when formal boundaries are reduced? What is the future of learning? What role with educators play in this future? What types of institutions does society need to respond to hyper-growth of knowledge and rapid dissemination of information? How do the roles of learners and educators change when knowledge is ubiquitous?"

I am also ready to give a critical view to my teaching and learning practice to update it as much as it is possible!

Luis Rafael Amario

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  1. hey dude,me encanto su inciación en otro idioma, ahora le flata el frances, yo pienso que la posibilidad de poner en practia lo critico en el aprendizaje es lo ideal para desarrollar la conectividad en cada unos de nosotros los docentes del siglo XXI....Deu Taniñales... (Dios lo bendiga) idioma gayón...