miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

#change11.Now it´s time to start creating something of my own (My goals)

As described by its designers and facilitators this MOOCs #change11: Change: Education, Learning, Technology is called a ‘connectivist' course and is based on four major types of activity:
the learning in the course results from the activities you undertake, and will be different for each person.this course is not conducted in a single place or environment.

*It is distributed across the web.what you should do is PICK AND CHOOSE content that looks interesting to you and is appropriate for you (Aggregate)

*Create a blog ;create an account; take part in an online discussion;tweet about the item; anything else: you can use any other service on the internet (Remix).

*We want you to create something of your own;We want to emphasize that you are working with materials;These materials are the bricks and mortar you can use to compose your own thoughts and understanding of the material;What thoughts? What understanding? Well – that is the subject of this course.
...we will describe in this course are the TOOLS you will use to create your own content.your job is to USE TE TOOLS and just practice with them;what matters is that you apply the tool; with practice you'll become an accomplished creator and critic of ideas and knowledge. And that is the purpose of this course!

*We want you to share your work with other people in the course, and with the world at large.People really appreciate it when you share. After all, what you're doing when you share is to create material that other people can learn from. Your sharing creates more content for this course. people appreciate that, you will probably appreciate the content other people in the course share with you.Our course tag is: #change11(Feed Forward).

*When a connectivist course is working really well, we see this greate cycle of content and creativity begin to feed on itself, people in the course reading, collecting, creating and sharing. It's a wonderful experience you won't want to stop when the course is done.

Considering that given description of change11 altogether with some tips (ideas, statements & thoughts) that interested me in the above Steven Johnson talk, such as:

* "The liquid network": that·s in fact the enviroment that leads to innovation.
* Important ideas have very long incubation moments
* A hunch cultivating mechanism

I considerer that This networked ¿course? Change11, could connect me with a variety of hunches to enjoy eureka moments- ¿Why not?- and innovate my teaching and learning practice, keeping in mind each time I share with the world at large that "Chance favors a connective mind!".

Thanks for this possibilty & opportunity,


Luis Rafael Amario

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